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With over 30 years of experience in which PROFIL PORTE has seen some of the most significant moments of our time, the company has maintained some constant and fundamental principles, such as the use of natural wood and handcrafted work despite the use of cutting edge technology in the production processes.

PROFIL PORTE loves wood, real wood and we love to work with it.
The company specializes in the production of hollow-core panels and diamond panels, which are made in a wide variety of wood species. We supply wholesalers as well as big and small clients.
We offer a wide range of semi-finished products, such as glass pane framing, door jambs, backlinings and pantographed MDF panels.
We are a company that clients can rely on as we are capable of offering a large array of semi-finished products.
In addition to finished painted doors, PROFIL PORTE supplies customized doors in a variety of colours, types of openings and woods, all of which can satisfy classic to even modern styles.
PROFIL PORTE distinguishes itself for the research it carries out, its attention to detail and that it is always in line with the market trends. As we have a highly flexible production system we are always prepared to adapt measurements and solutions to meet the needs of even the most chic and avant-garde spaces.
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